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Home from Home for your Canine Companion

Going abroad?

Holiday accommodation that doesn’t take dogs?

Visiting family or friends and can’t take your dog?

Got  to be away overnight?

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you have to be away, make sure your dog has a safe and happy stay while you’re gone. Your canine companion deserves to have a comfortable and enjoyable time whilst apart from you. Here at The Dog Dorm we only take two or three dog guests at a time, depending on their size, and we specialise in individual care, providing a Home from Home environment, day and night.

We don’t use kennels - your dog will stay with us and our two dogs in our own home, a cottage on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. To minimise any disruption for your dog we feed their usual food, at their usual time; they sleep in their own beds and play with their own favourite toys - or join in the fun and games with Alfie and Maggie and the others!

We have over 30 years experience living with and caring for dogs, and Alfie and Maggie are very sociable and like to have other dogs visiting. We have a secure garden and, located on the edge of Bodmin Moor, our situation is ideal for long traffic free walks on the Moor or in the local woods. In the evenings we have a cosy log burning stove where the dogs can curl up together and snooze.

Contact us to give your canine companion a fun and relaxing stay away too!

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